Since 1990, Pyramid has worked not just as a consultant, but as a partner to hundreds of people, to businesses large and small as well as government agencies nationwide to help chart a course for the future. As a professional, licensed engineering and geological firm Pyramid has the expertise to research and analyze relevant environmental regulations, potential hazards, clean-up alternatives and environmental protection issues to design and implement solutions for environmental problems.

Pyramid also understands the impact of these issues on profitability. Our services can help protect the value of your property and commercial investments, and shield you from liability. We will manage your environmental reporting and planning to reduce your overall costs of dealing with hazardous materials, including spill prevention and clean-up.

We use the latest technologies to ensure the thoroughness and accuracy of our work, but it is our commitment to client services that sets us apart in our field. In an era where machines talking to machines have become the norm, Pyramid still believes strongly in the future of people. Thus Pyramid Environmental & Engineering sets the highest of standards and works to exceed them, because nothing less than the future is at stake.
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"Was that a rabbit? Met a guy last Friday; he has been in one (Brownfields permit process) for 5 years. I told him we worked with Pyramid and got it done!
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